About us

The ‘Salesian Bulletin’ is a periodical conceived by St John Bosco. Seeing his work on behalf of poor and abandoned boys expanding rapidly and no longer being able to keep his collaborators personally updated on the progress of activities and future works, in 1877 he decided to make use of one of the media of his time: monthly printed bulletins. In this way Don Bosco provided himself with an effective means of communication which also allowed him to make his innovative work known to those who had never heard of him and to win over those who suspected him of ill intent. His works of charity on behalf of the most disadvantaged young people and his preventive educational method thus inspired the apostolic commitment of many others.

A century or more later we experience a similar situation today: the expansion of the Salesian work founded by the saint and now in 134 nations on five continents, and the consequent multiplication of the languages spoken, are not conducive to the knowledge of so many and varied works on behalf of the young. So today, as Don Bosco did then, the decision has been made to use today’s media, in particular the Internet.
The existence of a communication tool that speaks with one voice in so many languages was already felt by Don Bosco himself. Today, with the current spread of the Salesian charism, it is felt even more. There are so many Salesian initiatives around the world, full of creativity, that remain known only locally.

The Salesian Bulletin Online (BSOL) therefore takes the form of a continuation of Don Bosco’s initiative, referring to his original idea expressed in 1885, to speak with one voice, even when using different languages.
The new medium is an official publication of the Salesian Congregation aka the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in seven languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Polish, and aims to make the Salesian charism known in the many forms in which it is expressed in many parts of the world.