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A farmer, on a market day, stopped to eat in a crowded restaurant where even the city’s elite usually dined. The farmer found a place at a table where other patrons were already seated and placed his order with the waiter. When he had done so, he joined hands and recited a prayer. His neighbours observed him with amused curiosity; one young man asked him:
“Do you always do this at home? Does everyone really pray?”
The farmer, who had quietly begun to eat, answered:
“No, even at home there are some who do not pray.”
The young man grinned:
“Oh yeah? Who doesn’t pray?”
“Well, continued the farmer, for example my cows, my donkey and my pigs….

I remember that once, after walking all night, we fell asleep at dawn near a grove. A dervish who was our travelling companion let out a cry and walked into the desert without resting for a single moment.
When it was daylight, I asked him:
“What happened to you?”
He answered:
“I saw nightingales chirping in the trees, I saw partridges in the mountains, frogs in the water, and animals in the woods. I thought then that it was not right that all were intent on praising the Lord, and that I alone slept without thinking of him.”

Salesian of Don Bosco, expert in catechetics, author of several books. He was editorial director of the Salesian publishing house Elledici. Currently the editor of the Italian 'Il Bollettino Salesiano', print edition.