How to change the subtitle language for videos posted on YouTube

You start viewing the video on YouTube by clicking on the ‘Play’ button.

1. Select the settings via the link on the six-tooth wheel at the bottom right.

2. Select, from the drop-down menu, the link located on the “Subtitles” menu.

3. From the following drop-down menu, select the language in which you wish to read the subtitles; all subtitles translated by a human translator are found here.

4. Once you have selected the language, continue viewing the video.

5. If you prefer another language for the subtitles, you can select auto-translation from the previous menu.

6. In the next menu, choose your preferred language; please note that this is an automatic translation, with inaccuracies.

7. Once the language has been selected, continue viewing the video.

8. To delete the subtitles, select the ‘OFF’ submenu.