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A master was travelling with a disciple in charge of looking after the camel. One evening, having arrived at an inn, the disciple was so tired that he did not tie up the animal.
“My God,” he prayed as he lay down, “look after the camel: I entrust it to you.”
The next morning the camel was gone.
“Where is the camel?” asked the master.
“I don’t know,” replied the disciple. “You have to ask God! Last night I was so exhausted that I entrusted our camel to him. It is certainly not my fault that it ran away or was stolen. I explicitly asked God to watch over it. He is responsible. You always urge me to have the greatest trust in God, don’t you?”
“Have the greatest trust in God, but first tie up your camel,” replied the master. “For God has no hands but yours.”

God alone can give faith;
you, however, can give your testimony.
God alone can give hope;
You, however, can instil confidence in your brethren.
God alone can give love;
You, however, can teach others to love.
God alone can give peace;
You, however, can sow unity.
God alone can give strength;
You, however, can give support to the discouraged.
God alone is the way;
You, however, can show the way to others.
God alone is the light;
You, however, can make it shine in the eyes of all.
God alone is life;
You, however, can revive in others the desire to live.
God alone can do what seems impossible;
you, however, can do what is possible.
God alone is sufficient for himself;
however, he prefers to count on you.
(Brazilian song)

Salesian of Don Bosco, expert in catechetics, author of several books. He was editorial director of the Salesian publishing house Elledici. Currently the editor of the Italian 'Il Bollettino Salesiano', print edition.